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MAC knives claim to be "The World's Sharpest" made for professional chefs. These Japanese made craftman blades are getting their reputation from the quality manufacturing process with a special focus on sharpness. While they are not cheap, most users agree that they offer good value for the price. Let’s see how they perform in the kitchen.

About the company

MAC knives are made by the MAC Knife company, which operates from Japan. The knives are considered top precision tools and are shaped, polished, assembled and sharpened by experienced Japanese craftsmen. The company has been producing the razor-sharp knives since 1964. (1) Over the years, MAC knives have become popular tools for professional cooks and cooking enthusiasts from all over the world.

MAC Knives Reviewed

We have compared a selection of individual knives and knife sets from the Japanese manufacturer.

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MAC Knife Superior Santoku 2-Piece Set

Design and materials

This twin set includes a 6.5-inch Santoku knife and a mini Santoku knife that measures 5-inches in length. Both knives come with silver blades that are made of stainless steel and black pakka wood handles that are triple riveted into place for a firm fit. The lightweight set weighs only 12 ounces when packed.


This twin set boasts of knives that have razor sharp blades made of superior stainless steel that are corrosion and rust resistant. The pakka wood handle provides a firm grip of the knife, which enables the cook to make cuts that are smooth and precise. The blades are of different length to allow the cook to switch from cutting small items with the smaller knife to large items with the longer knife.

Cleaning the blades is easy with the recommended cleaning method being handwashing under warm water and soap. These knives are not safe for dishwasher cleaning.


  • The knives easily clean with handwashing
  • The blades remain sharp for a long time
  • The set includes two knives, which enables cutting of small and large food items
  • The full tang blades require minimal effort to cut with


  • Leaving the knives in water for too long causes damage to the pakka wood handle
  • These knives are not safe for dishwasher cleaning

MAC Knife Original 4-Piece Starter Set

Design and materials

The MAC Knife original 4-picese set comprises a 9" carving knife, a 6.5" utility knife, a 6.75" fillet knife, and a 4" paring knife. The handles on all the knives are black, made of pakka wood material, and are held in place by three horizontal rivets. The blades are silver in color and made of stainless steel.


We love the different approach that is used to make these knives. The silver stainless steel blades have a smooth rounded tip that extends the length of the sharp edge. A small perforation is also etched into the blade close to the rounded tip, which enables the knives to hang on a kitchen rack for display.

Users of this set like the performance of the sharp edge because it effortlessly cuts through food items leaving no messes behind. Users also praise the perforated tip revealing that it enables safe storage of the knives on a rack in the kitchen. With it, the knives are safer because they do not collide with other utensils in the kitchen drawer.


  • The set includes different knives for different cutting purposes
  • The sharp edge extends to the rounded tip
  • Includes a hole for hanging the knives on a kitchen rack
  • Comfortable to grip handles
  • Blades retain sharpness for a long time


  • The blades might break when used to cut frozen items
  • The thin blade gets damaged when cutting solid foods like yams

MAC Mighty 8-Inch Professional Hollow Edge Knife

Design and materials

The MAC Professional Knife is a chef's knife that features an 8-inch silver stainless steel blade and a 2.5-millimeter-thick black pakka wood handle. The blade has a sharp edge at the end and a dimpled surface that runs along the blade from end to end.


We like this professional chef's knife because one can use it both at home as well as in commercial kitchens at restaurants. The large blade that features a dimpled edge running from one end to the other also enables quick food release when the knife is used to cut food items.

A thick handle that is made of pakka wood gives users a firm grip on the knife while the full tang blade that runs through the handle facilitates easy maneuvers for effortless cutting.

Cleaning the knife should only involve hand washing with warm water and soap. Dishwasher cleaning should never be used since the blade could develop stains and start rusting.


  • Easy to clean blade
  • Well balanced full tang knife cuts with minimal effort
  • The blade comes sharp right out of packaging
  • The knife can be used by both right-handed and left-handed cooks
  • Comfortable and thick pakka wood handle


  • The knife is sold with a carboard sheath only that doesn't last
  • Sharpening tool has to be purchased separately

MAC Knife Japanese Series Vegetable Cleaver - 6.5-Inch 

Design and materials

This single piece knife has a thick blade that is silver in color and made of Molybdenum Steel while the handle is made of black pakka wood. Two horizontally placed rivets hold the handle in place along the D-shaped Japanese design of the handle. The blade is full tang and runs vertically through the thick handle on the knife.


We like the thick blade on this knife that is straight edged and easy to sharpen. The thick blade enables easy slicing of vegetables, thus allowing users to make thin and precise cuts that remain intact without breaking off. The knife can also handle cutting through tender meats like fish fillets and various seafoods but we recommend that you avoid using it on tougher meat that has bones.

The D-shaped handle offers a firm and non-slip grip on the knife, which makes the knife safe for use in vigorous cooking.


  • Thick and sharp blade achieves thin and precise cuts
  • D-shaped handle gives the cook a non-slip grip
  • Easy to clean with just handwashing
  • The blade holds sharpness for a long time


  • The blade can stain when used to cut acidic foods and not cleaned immediately thereafter
  • The blade cannot cut through bony meat

MAC Superior 8-Inch Chef's Knife

Design and materials

The Superior 8-inch MAC knife is a chef's knife that has a silver-colored blade made of high carbon steel. The blade has a rounded tip and is branded with an engraved MAC logo close to the handle. The handle, which is made of black pakka wood also has a rounded tip and is held in place by three rivets.


This remarkable chef's knife that features a rounded tip is perfect for vigorous cooking that involves a lot of cutting without chipping or damaging the cutting board. We like how the rounded tip on the edge of the blade slides on the cutting board, thus enabling the cook to focus more on cutting than caring for the impact of the knife has on cutting board.

Users of this knife reveal that they enjoy effortless cutting enabled by the full tang blade that is also sharp right out of packaging. The black pakka wood handle complements the blade perfectly by offering the cook a firm and comfortable grip on the knife.


  • Rounded tip does not chip or damage cutting boards
  • The blade comes sharp right out of the packaging
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • The knife is easy to sharpen


  • The carbon material used to make the blade requires care to prevent rust
  • The knife is only sold with cardboard sheath that does not last

MAC Ceramic Knife Sharpener

Design and materials

The MAC ceramic knife sharpener is as straight edged honing tool that features a 1200 grit ceramic body and a wooden handle that is bright brown in color. The handle has a string that is held in place on the side of the handle, which makes its storage convenient because you just need to hang it on a kitchen rack or shelf.


The ceramic tool enables honing of MAC knives as well as other brands of knives even though it does not sharpen them. This ensures the knives' blades remain in straight and sharp condition without shaving off material from the body of the blade.

The thick wooden handle is firmly fixed on the honing tool to enable users to grip the tool firmly in a straight position. The rounded top tip, on the other hand, allows them to press the tool against a working bench for a non-slip performance.

We recommend that you take care when using this honing tool to avoid dropping it. The ceramic material, though harder than steel, is brittle and easily breaks into pieces when the tool is dropped.


  • Helps keep knives in proper working condition
  • The honing tool does not shave material from the blade
  • Easy to grip thick handle
  • Includes a string on the handle for hanging on a kitchen rack
  • Easily cleans by wiping with a sponge


  • The tool can break into pieces when dropped
  • The string on the handle is not very strong and wears off after sometime

What Features to Consider When Choosing a Knife?

When you are shopping for a knife, consider the following factors to ensure that you get the best knife.

The blade

Confirm that the blade is made of quality materials that resist rust and corrosion, such as stainless steel. If you decide to go with carbon steel blades, ensure that you take proper care of the knives by wiping dry immediately after use. Good blades on knives that are multipurpose have grooves that enable quick food release.


The size of the knife limits the food that can be cut using the knife. If your cooking requires preparation of many ingredients, ensure you pick a large knife that can handle the cutting requirements. Larger knives can always cut smaller ingredients while smaller knives might prove too cumbersome when used to cut large sized items.

a knife and vegetable on a cutting board

The handle

Ensure that you pick a knife with a handle that is comfortable to hold and made of durable material. The handle should also be held in place on the knife firmly either using rivets or a rivet-less design for knives that do not feature a full tang blade.

Related questions

Is MAC a Good Knife Brand?

MAC knives are great because they feature full tang blades and are made of quality and durable materials. The Japanese design used to forge the MAC knives makes them comfortable to use because cutting with them requires minimal effort.

Where are MAC Knives Made?

MAC knives originate in Japan where MAC Knife Company produces and distributes them to America and other markets around the world.

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